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Understanding optional functionality

Start by reading through the optional extra functions and needs. 

Once you have understood some of the most commonly requested functions, send us your enquiry below and select the functions you wish to add to your new website (should take you 2-3 minutes to complete):

Information Pages

All websites require informational areas on the home page that convey company background, services, products and more.  We call these informational pages and its a great way to start building an online presence before adding more features as explained below.

Google Indexing and Basic SEO

We provide Google Indexing (we tell Google your site exists so it can appear in searches) and add basic SEO concepts such as tags and specific wording that may help your site be found easier. Please note that having your site online only doesn’t guarantee that you will be found on the front pages of searches.

If it is crucial that you ran on the first pages on searches, you will need to consider Google ad campaigns which are only recommended if you have a national presence and high volume \ value sales.

Instant Chat (powered by Chaty)

Rather than have customers copy a number on your site or have them fill out a contact form, let them send you a text, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram message directly to your phone. Answer fast and provide exceptional service. Pops up bottom of your web page (desktop and mobile)

Online Booking \ Schedule Management

Have services that are delivered in time blocks? Wish to take orders and payments online hassle free? Then a booking system is what you need.

Set available days and times, apply prices for differing services and allow the customer to select, schedule and pay for the service all automatically. Receive email confirmation and manage the bookings in the back-end (including printing the schedule for the day).


You sell physical products and want to have customers browse, add to cart and checkout with an online payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe, Square etc.) and receive the order via email.

We can build either flat products (one price per product) or variable ones (different sizes, colours or same product) as needed for you.

Brochure downloads

Have brochures or files that you wish to add to your site for download?

We can not only add the functionality to download brochures for your customers, but we can hep with the design of them too if needed.

Youtube Videos

Sometimes a video can convey more about your services and products that words or images. We can use any videos, add them to Youtube channel for you and have them play automatically. There are options to add videos directly on your site if required.

If you need assistance creating a Youtube channel, or creating videos for you, let us know.

Custom Photography

Need photos or videos of your business, products, or services in action?

We offer an onsite service if you don’t have any content for your website. Let us video, photograph and edit them for you so that they can be used for your website.